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Pink Lokai Bracelet Hero

$18.00 $12.00

** PRE ORDER ONLY ** SHIPS ON 10/24/2017

Pink Lokai

Limited edition ends 10/31/17

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For many years, people around the world have worn the pink ribbon to show their support and solidarity for breast cancer and breast cancer victims. The all new Pink Lokai bracelet is a symbol of support, heroism and a reminder to stay hopeful, like a ribbon on your wrist.

Lokai bracelet will donate $1.5 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Susan G Komen for each Limited Edition new Pink Lokai sold, with a minimum contribution of $50,000.

Limited-edition products are final sale. No returns or Exchange. 

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Pink Lokai is a foundation that stands for a spectacular cause. Not only does it contain water from the highest point of earth and mud from the lowest point of earth. It contributes to much more. It contributes towards many social causes that help people and animal and all those in need. It is a universal product. Pink Lokai to be worn by both male and female.

Pink Lokai, my lokai, new pink lokai, lokai

The Pink Lokai Hero Bracelet, the newest premium line bracelets evolving in the balance of life. Made to be worn by both male and female. Find out more

Stay Humble

The white bead of the Pink Lokai is filled with water from Mount Everest. From the highest point on earth. It represents the highest times of your life. When you are having the best memories. The most important thing is to stay humble in those times.

Stay Hopeful

The black bead of the Pink Lokai is filed from mud from the Dead Sea. From the lowest point on earth. It represents the lowest times in your life. When you are having the most difficult times. The most important thing is to stay positive in that time. To stay hopeful in those times.

The 2.0 Lokai Multi Bead

The 2.0 Lokai Multi Bead is a unique take at the whole concept of jewelry, with a meaning, a hope. Even famous celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner have tweeted about their love for the Lokai bracelets.

The 2.0 Multi bead Lokai are not part of the limited edition but definitely something worth having. The bracelets are made from recycled plastic collected from the ocean and landfill. The plastic is melted to make a cord that has a pull closure. The designs are made to infuse fashion with purpose.

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