Our Quest to Make This World a Better Place.

Here at Lokai Wholesale, we’re motivated by the stories we hear from folks around the world who have triumphed over the most difficult moments in their life. We are inspired by the stories from individuals who have stayed grounded even after living their dream. These stories help us remain humble and hopeful in our quest to make this world a better place.

Sometimes when you are on top, Stay Humble

The white bead represent’s your best memories. Its filled with water sourced from Everest, the highest point on earth, the white. When your on top, stay humble. 

water from mount everest

Sometimes You’ve Hit A Low, Stay Hopeful.

The black bead represent’s your most difficult times. Its filled with mud sourced from the deep sea, the lowest point on earth. When you are down, stay hopeful.

mud from the dead sea

Photos that inspire us all

Our innovative partnerships with customers like you around the world has helped us expand our reach to bring inspirational stories for the folks who need it the most. Lets continue to work together to keep the world hopeful and humble.

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Wholesale, Retail, and Fundraising

Let us support your organization to meet its goals! We believe that working with organizations creates a win win situation. It strengthens our message of balance and organizations reach their goals. With a hands on support and big discounts, it’s no wonder that some of our best reviews are from organizations who we’ve partnered with. You can read some of their inspirational stories below.

We Are Proud To Work With Over


Organizations Around The World

For Retail

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Expand Your Sales

Our bluk order discounts offers retailers a great way to grow customer and drive sales with amazing margins.

For Fundrasing

We know how difficult it is to achieve your fundraising goals.

Surpass Your Goals

Use a viral product that will reduce your efforts and maximize your fundraising potential.

For Organizations

Nothing is harder then uniting and inspiring a team to achieve a common goal.

Send The Right Message

Hundreds of companies have used these bracelets to communicate a message and motivate their team.

Reviews From Around The Globe

People everywhere are loving Lokai Outlet and we thrive off their stories. With almost 10,000 inspirational stories and counting, we are motivated to work harder.

“The Lokai Outlet team provides excellent support, listens to my needs & continually works to help us meet my goals.”


Steve Cronins

Founder, RCronins Foundation

“I love listening to the stores from my clients that this bracelet generates.”



Retail Outlet

“Great product to add in my retail store, customers love it”

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson

Owner, Vista Boutique

“I love what this concept! Its a great story teller and recommend it to all my friends.”



“I’ve had ups and downs this past year. Its great to have a constant reminder of my core principles with me to keep me balanced.”


David C.


“Working with Lokai Outlet, we were able to exceed our fundraising goals by 140%.”



Marketing Director, Latin Heritage Union

“We’ve resold over 1500 bracelets in the last 6 months at our store. Its been a viral product, and for a good cause!”


Craig Woomer

VIBE Stores

“I never take off my bracelet for a reason …”


Hue Morison


Join The Growing Circle!


Some call me the most meaningful addition to their jewelry kits, some regard me as a source of hope, and others are just in awe of me – I’m a live Lokai bracelet.

Why’s the World Crazy about Lokai?

Each lokai bracelet is a reminder of the most powerful law of nature, the biggest leveler of them all – the virtue of balance. Your live lokai bracelet comes to you with its black bead containing sand from the deepest point on Earth in the Dead Sea, and the blue bead in the lokai contains water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth.

The Core Thought that every Lokai Stands For

A unique take at the whole concept of jewelry with a meaning, our wholesale lokai bracelets are a reminder that life is a journey with its crests and troughs. Even celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner have tweeted their love for lokai bracelets.

The Lokai Experience at MyBalanceBracelets

MyBalanceBracelets is your one stop shop for all the awesome wholesale lokai bracelets shopping you need to do. Our collections of lokai bracelets include the insanely popular classic lokai bracelets, Mount Everest lokai bracelets, and Dead Sea lokai bracelets, lokai tee shirts, collections of wholesale lokai bracelets, apart from a whole range of colored live lokai bracelets.

At MyBalanceBracelets, we live and believe the whole concept of balance, and offer massive discounts on whole lokai range for students, retailers, customers, non-profit organizations. Along with the entire range of the amazing wholesale lokai bracelets, we’ve got lokai tees, 5 piece sets of wholesale lokai, wholesale lokai tees, and more– available in all sizes.