What Size Lokai Bracelet Should I get?

Before we get into the most asked question what size lokai bracelet should I get? Lets understand meaning of Lokai. The different colors of Lokai bracelet helps us learn to keep a balance in life. This balance is to know that we must be humble. There are high points in life, but we must always remember never to let our ego get in our way!

However, there are also low points in life. But we must never lose hope. We must always keep the faith that good days are yet to come. This is what the lokai bracelets teach us. That we must stay neutral throughout life. And wearing a lokai bracelet is a constant reminder of this fact.

How to find out what size Lokai bracelet should you get for yourself!

The Lokai bracelets come in four sizes. These are small, medium, large and extra large. Often people wonder what size lokai bracelet should they get. We made the sizes easier for you to decide. These are standard sizes of bracelets worldwide.

We received a lot of questions at the customer care. These people kept asking, “What size lokai bracelet should I get?”. Hence to make it easier for them we introduced these sizes. Now people can get the sizes according to their wrist sizes. It has been noted that people like their lokai bracelets bigger. Hence, they buy their lokai bracelets one size bigger than their actual size.

So now if you want to get yourself a lokai bracelet you can easily order them. Just check te size of your normal bracelets and place an order!

Why is the blue lokai bracelet so significant?

The blue lokai bracelet is on sale now a days. This is because the World Water day is approaching.

People are so malnourished these days. This is all because they don’t have clean water. We take clean water for granted. But there are several third world countries who have never even tasted the clean water. Several diseases are spread due to it. And thousand of children die every day because of the diseases causes.

Our blue lokai bracelet on sale is to cause awareness. People should know more and more about the fact that water supply is not clean for everyone. The Lokai team has dedicated itself to donate to charity. Hence, whenever someone buys this blue lokai bracelet on sale from us, we donate. This donation may be in the form of clean water to people in the third world countries. Or it can even be money donated to charities to provide clean water supply.

What does the pink lokai bracelet signify?

The lokai bracelet pink is yet another important bracelet in the Lokai collection. This bracelet signifies the patients were suffering from breast cancer. This cancer is not taken as seriously in the world because it is related to the female population. However, it is to be acknowledged that these patients go through the same hell as other cancer patients.

Hence, our pink lokai bracelet shows support and causes awareness for breast cancer. We donate a part of our profits to the breast cancer patients for their treatments whenever someone shops for this specific bracelet.


So it is to be kept in mind that whoever shops from us indirectly donates to charities.