Limited Edition Shark Loaki

Lokai has teamed up with Discovery Channel to help restore the ocen’s balance. Buy the newest Shark Loaki and support Oceana, an organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the words oceans. Proceeds from Shark Lokai purchase will help support Oceana.

Shark Lokai Bracelets
Blue and White Lokai
Shark Lokai Bracelets

Shark Lokai – Save Our Planet

It is not quite often that we see people diverting from their lives to help the other constituents of the world they live in. Being a part of the natural habitat that we inhabit, we should be cognizant enough of the threats and dangers that our habitat is exposed to. It should be our prime duty to help increase the sustainability of this world. Discovery channel is one party that takes part in several campaigns which aim to make the world a better place. Their famous shark week program has always attained positive light and this time, Lokai has joined them to support the noble cause of helping sharks.

Shark Lokai Spreading the Awarness

Steven Izen, the man behind the ingenious idea of beautiful Lokai, the bracelet, which is designed to trigger positivity in humans by making them aware of different aspects of life, has joined the discovery shark week in an attempt to spread awareness. Their original Lokai aimed to remind people of good and bad times of life with a message of hope in the bad times, and humbleness in the good ones.

Lokai Movement – Shark Lokai Social Responsiblity

Now since Lokai is working the discovery channel, they have introduced the elegant blue colored Shark Lokai. Coming under the socially-responsible Lokai branding, the shark Lokai aims to spread awareness about the sharks to the global community. Sharks live in delicate eco-systems which require special care. If we care about their lives, we must take care of their homes; the oceans. 1$ from each Shark Lokai bracelet will be donated to Oceana, which is the world’s leading ocean conservation group who dedicate their utmost efforts for this cause.

Lokai Partners with Oceana to bring Shark Lokai Bracelet

As per the record, Oceana has been responsible for taking care of innumerable sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and a plethora of other water species. Approximately 1.2 million square of oceanic land has also been marked safe by this organization. Sharks often fall prey to cruel fishing methods adopted by fishermen. Sharks are caught for their skin and fins and also get caught in the nets thrown for other sea animals. As a consequence, sharks might even face extinction very soon.

Lokai Bracelets – Making World a Better Place

Since, directly contributing to this cause might not be an option for a normal person, shark Lokai provides an indirect way to help these species. There is a dire need to save the sharks so to maintain balance in the ecosystem. Helping others brings happiness that is unmatched. The thought that your hard earned money went into a noble cause brings personal satisfaction and cleanses your soul. Lokai has helped people achieve this mission earlier by the use of the normal Lokai and now it has stepped up once again to promote positivity in the shape of the Shark Lokai.

Limited Edition Shark Lokai

The Shark Lokai is available for a limited time and requires a great response from the people as the greater the response, the greater the money for Oceana. 11$ might not seem a big amount, but it holds an immense benefit for the oceanic creatures. Avail the limited shark lokai exclusively at www.mybalancebracelets.com

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