Yellow Lokai Bracelet

Yellow Lokai Bracelet

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Yellow Lokai Bracelet can be seen everywhere worn by people. The Lokai bracelets help you find the right balance in life’s journey. You need to be able to find the right balance between the highs and lows of life, and the Lokai bracelet help you keep it. Available at, the Lokai bracelets are available in a variety of colors, like Pink Lokai bracelet, Yellow Lokai Bracelet and more.

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White bead, Black bead.

Each Lokai bracelet, no matter what the color, consists two beads; one black and one white that symbolizes different things. The white bead contains the water from the highest peak of the world; Mount Everest. This acts as a symbol of humbleness even when you are at the top in life. Whereas, the black bead consist mud from the deepest point of the world; Dead Sea.This symbolize that you need to be hopeful in the lowest points in life.

What do the beads symbolize?

Each bead symbolized something different. Each bead is related to some cause and the color represents what it stands for. The bracelets are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes so everyone can be a part of this humble cause. A percentage of the proceeds generated from the sale of that specific color goes towards that cause as charity. The Yellow Lokai is a limited edition bracelet.

Yellow Lokai: Benefiting pediatric cancer

The Yellow Lokai Bracelet is linked with pediatric cancer. It spreads awareness about the pediatric cancer and from every purchase of the Yellow Lokai bracelet, $1 is contributed to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation that is helping millions of children to eliminate cancer. The NPCF further funds clinical trials that help fast track less-toxic and more targeted treatment especially for children. Purchasing the yellow bracelet will help these suffering children.

Currently the Yellow Lokai Bracelet is out of stock but will re-stock it soon, hopefully. You can sign-up at the site to know when the bracelet is re-stocked and about other news.

Buy the Yellow Lokai Bracelet today from or other sites, such as amazon or e-bay and help join the cause and rise up to a faster cure.


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