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Single Wrap Lokai Bracelet

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Lokai Bracelet, single wrap

Single Wrap

Made from recycled ocean & post consumer plastic

The black and white Lokai recycled metal beads contain our signature elements from the highest point and lowest points on earth.

The white bead is infused with water from Mt. Everest the highest point, and the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. These extreme elements remind the wearer to find balance and live life with balance – staying humble during life’s highs moments and hopeful during its lows, Lokai bracelet stands for balance.

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Single Wrap Lokai Bracelet Some people just think of it as an accessory, some as a source of hope and other just in awe of the spectacular cause of it all. The Lokai bracelet is available in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. It is the most powerful source of nature. The wearer is giving nature back what it takes from it.

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Each color is sold for a specific reason. A percentage of money raised from the specific colored bracelet goes towards supporting the cause. The company gives 10 percent of the profit to these causes. They want to make the world a better place.

The biggest leveler

The Single wrap Lokai bracelet is a virtue of life. The white bead and the black bead represent more than just its color. Coming from the highest and lowest point of earth; Mount Everest and the Dead Sea. White bead contains Mount Everest’s water. Black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea.

These two beads represent different points in life. And how one should be in these situations. The white bead means that when you hit a high point of life, be humble. Do not be proud in life. The black bead signifies the rough points of life. When you feel low, stay hopeful. Never lose hope and good things will come.

The Single Wrap Lokai

The Single Wrap Lokai Bracelet and Lokai apparel is made from recycled plastic and landfill.The plastic is collected from the ocean. The landfill is also taken from the ocean. The plastic is recycled by melting it down and braiding it into a single cord. The Single Wrap Lokai Bracelet is a strong cord that has a toggle closure.  The bracelet is textured. At the center is the white bead and at the opposite is the black bead. The bracelet is closed at the point where the black bead is placed.

The Single Wrap Lokai Bracelet comes in a variety of color and sizes, all made from recycled plastic, this represents that even the useless things can be made useful. It encourages awareness amongst it wearers to find balance between life. By giving back, wearers can bring balance, not only in their lives but also in the world.

The Single Wrap Lokai can be purchased from the official lokai site and is also available at various other sites, such as the Nordstrom, Amazon, Shop eagleeye and more. Come join the cause with your Single Wrap Lokai.

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