Wild Lokai Bracelet | Wildlife Lokai

No one wear’s Livestrong bracelets anymore but the latest craze is all about the lokai bracelet. Even though people can choose a classic lokai bracelet, there is also a special wildlife lokai bracelet which they can flip the switch to buy in order to show support for the wildlife.

What is the difference?

Unlike regular lokai bracelets which have clear beads, the wild lokai has a sort of camouflage design. What is more, Lokai is also going to be donating $1 for every wild lokai bracelet they sell to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Special Editions

This isn’t the first time that a special edition lokai bracelet has been released. There was a limited edition bracelet released in support of World Water Day. There is also a special pink bracelet that was released in collaboration with the Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer awareness month.


The company is deeply involved in a number of causes and donates 10% of all its earnings to various charities. Apart from these donations, they are also donating an additional $1 to specific charities for all the special edition bracelets that they sell.

The idea

Wildlife Lokai bracelets basically have a black bead and a white bead which contains mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest in them respectively. This is meant to signify the highs and lows of our lives. Some people weren’t convinced that these beads actually had the things Lokai said they did and chose to cut them open. But they were proved wrong since the beads actually did contain water and mud as promised.