Mount Everest Bracelet

Have you heard of the Mount Everest bracelets? It is a common name for the lokai bracelet which is worn by countless people all over the world. These bracelets get their name because of the white beads on them that contain water from Mount Everest. Mount Everest is the highest point on this watery and blue planet and the bead is supposed to signify the highest points of your life.

But, it also has a black bead which contains mud from the Dead Sea. This is the lowest point on the earth and is meant to signify the low points of your life. They are connected to each other through a string of clear beads which signify that life is always moving and never rests.


The main objective of this bracelet is to help people understand that there are going to be ups and lows in your life. No matter how good your life currently is or how bad it is, things will always change in the future and there is nothing you can do about it. It is essential to maintain balance in life at all times and that is exactly what this bracelet is a symbol of: balance.

Where did it come from?

The bracelet was designed by Steven Izen when he heard that his grandfather had Alzheimer’s disease. This is when everything was going very well for him in his personal life. It helped him understand that everything balances out in life and there is nothing he can do to stop certain things from happening. Some things are simply out of our control.

So he created this bracelet to serve as a reminder that you should remain humble in good times and hopeful in bad. Today, the lokai bracelet has taken the world by storm and if you haven’t yet purchased your lokai bracelet then perhaps it is time you went online and ordered one too.