Lokai 2.0 is a socially responsible brand. Their products act as reminders to find a balanced life. The word Lokai is inspired by the Hawaiian word “Lokahi” which means unity and the blend of opposites. Lokai helps those in pursuit of finding mental balance. The Lokai bracelet was born from the sadness that the CEO Steven Izen felt when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Colors and Causes

The My Lokai bracelets are available is a variety of colors, sizes and textures. The different colors represent the causes that the company supports. They are designed specifically for the cause it supports. The bracelets symbolize many ideas and the money earned goes to charitable cause. Like the pink Lokai creates awareness for breast cancer, the yellow lokai creates awareness for pediatric cancer, the green lokai focuses on creating a better and greener world, and the blue lokai focuses on providing cleaner and safe drinking water and like this many other colors and textures support other causes.

The Lokai 2.0 bracelet reminds you to find the right balance during life’s peaks and lows. The bracelet contains the signature elements from Earth’s highest and lowest points. The black bead has mud from the Dead Sea in it and the white bead has water from Mount Everest. The extreme elements remind the wearer to find and seek balance.

Life is a journey with happiness and trough. The bracelets tell us o staying humble and hopeful during life’s high and lows. When your purchase a Lokai 2.0 bracelet, you indirectly donate 10% of the profit to charitable organizations.

Some charity organization linked with Lokai include, Best Buddies International, Charity: Water, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Pencils of promise, Music Beats Hearts, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy and many more.

Lokai 2.0 experience

The Lokai 2.0 is a new premium line of the Lokai bracelets that are made from different recycled materials. Made from landfill and recycled classic. The bracelet is not only an accessory, but a hope. Hope for a better future. A better balanced today and tomorrow. By not only taking, but also giving back to the society.

The Lokai 2.0 is a new evolution in balance. Purchase the Lokai bracelets and be a part of the experience. Help make the world a better place.