Classic Lokai Bracelets

Balance isn’t a new concept. Whether you’re talking about something like breakfast or something like an airplane, balance is essential. Even when it comes to our lives, balance is pivotal.

Heard of Lokai?

This is where I would want to introduce you to classic Lokai bracelets. These bracelets were created by Steven Izen when he realized how important balance was while at Cornell after his life took a sudden turn from complete happiness to absolute sadness. His story began when he was enjoying life with his friends thinking how lucky he was when he suddenly learned his grandfather had Alzheimer’s.

These classic Lokai bracelets have one white bead, one black bead, and a number of clear beads. The white bead represents the highest moments in life and carries water from the Mt. Everest itself. The black bead is the opposite and holds mud of the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the Earth and signifies our lowest points in life. The clear beads on these classic Lokai remind us to keep moving forward and never stop.


These Lokai bracelets are constructed to symbolize the circle of life. Life is full of highs and lows. One would never be properly appreciated without the other. And that is exactly what these classic Lokai bracelets are for. Classic Lokai is basically a fashionable accessory that is built to remind us that no matter what is happening in our life at any given moment, we should always look for balance.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a classic Lokai bracelet and start striving for the right balance in your life. It is only through balance that you will start appreciating the good and the bad in your life. Classic Lokai Bracelet will act as a beautiful reminder of this fact of life.