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All lokai bracelets represent a sense of balance in life. They are a symbol for you to remember that no matter how good life is, you should always remain humble and when life is awful, you should still remain hopeful. This is an excellent belief which can really help you move forward in your life.

What is lokai?

There are a couple of beads which are common to all lokai bracelets. The first is the white bead which contains water from Mount Everest which is the highest point on earth. This bead basically stands for all the high points in your life.

Then there’s the black bead, which contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. This bead stands for the low points in your life. These beads are connected by a series of clear beads which signify the journey of life and how it is always moving and never constant.


If you want to shop lokai bracelets, there are quite a few different types for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Blue lokai – The Blue lokai┬ábracelet was introduced during World Water Day and comes with blue beads instead of the regular clear beads. These beads are meant to help raise awareness about water problems around the world.

Red lokai – The red lokai bracelet is a special edition lokai bracelet which supports the Save the Children initiative. Save the Children is a symbol of hope for young kids all over the world and the red lokai bracelet helps create awareness on the problems they face.

Pink lokai – The pink lokai bracelet was created in collaboration with the Susan G. Komen foundation to help raise breast cancer awareness. The pink beads are the perfect symbol for breast cancer awareness.