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Lokai – A Celebrity Favorite

The Lokai bracelet is not merely a simple fashion accessory, it has become an icon. Its exquisite looks add to its virtuous cause of reminding people that life can take opposite courses; of success and failure. Some people adore it for its looks and some for its eternal purpose. As the popularity of the mylokai bracelet reached new heights recently, the social media was buzzing with each person using the #livelokai hashtag to express their love for the bracelet. However, what was surprising was that the Lokai had even embraced the arms of famous celebrities.

Meaning of Lokai Bracelet

Initially, it does come as a surprise that people with high fame are using a common bracelet which is accessible to anyone. However, when you dwell on the meaning of the Lokai, you understand that it spreads across the whole of humanity. The purpose of the bracelet is to remind you about the two extremes of happiness and sorrow. During one’s lifetime, both sadness and happiness intervene in various shapes.

What is Inside a Lokai Bracelet

This bracelet, using the water from the highest part of the world –Mount Everest and using the mud of the lowest point of Earth –Dead Sea, reminds people that these are the bitter realities that everyone must face. People always have, and always will keep oscillating between these two positions till the end of their lives, which makes this bracelet a lifetime companion of each. When it comes to celebrities, this is potentially the reason which has inclined them to use this bracelet. They might be having the time of their life, but soon even their fame will die, and their extravagant lifestyles will deal with blows. The mylokai soothes their lives.

Loaki is a hit

This, however, cannot be the only reason for the celebrities to use this bracelet as it has eye catching looks as well. Often exposed in the media, the celebrities are always trying to set trends. They usually achieve that by buying exclusive designer accessories. The Lokai might not be a collectible item, but it holds outstanding quality and beautiful appearance, which makes it a worthy addition to celebrities’ wardrobes. The amalgamation of the reasons mentioned above makes the Lokai a celebrity favorite.

Celebrities wearing Lokai

Among the notable stars are Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Benson, Shawn Mendes, Christina Perri, Victoria Justice and Emma Roberts. We cannot blame these superstars for using the Lokai, it comes at an affordable price of 18$ with so many merits that it was difficult to ignore. If put to good use, the bracelet can help people make key decisions about life. It can provide balance in decision making and can become a source of self-actualization which can help people become more sensible.

Lokai Bracelet is meaningful

It can ensure purification of the soul and can promote harmony among the masses. The celebrities, being the cautious people they are, can attain all these benefits. Perhaps this is why they exhibit their satisfaction and happiness via showcasing their Lokai bracelets on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. With the exact reason unknown, celebrities do have fallen in love with the Lokai.

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