Live Loaki: Stay Humble & Hopeful

Each Live Lokai bracelet comes with a unique story, your story. The white bead is infused with water from Mount Everest (highest point on earth), and resembles a time in your life when you felt you were on top of the world. The Black bead is infused with mud from the dead sea (lowest point on earth), and reminds you of the time when you were at your lowest. Where a live lokai bracelet and share your story.

Live Lokai Bracelets
Live Lokai Bracelets
Live Lokai Bracelets

Live Lokai – Popular Bracelets with a Purpose

One of the key factors of success for a new entrant is to introduce a differentiated product. Live Lokai bracelets have stormed the fashion industry with its beauty that is said to encompass two of the world’s coveted substances; water from the Mount Everest and the mud from the floor of the Dead Sea. These two distinct substances amalgamate to form the unique live Lokai bracelet which is the new in thing. The popularity of this bracelet is on an all-time rise as the LiveLokai Instagram page boasts 1.7million followers as of now.

What is Live Lokai Bracelet made of

If we describe the outlook of the bracelet, it contains several elastic beads on a rubber thread which does not seem special yet gives it an aesthetically appealing look. All the beads are white except for one, which is black. The white ones contain the water from Mount Everest, and the black one contains the mud from the Dead Sea. Why these two places? They signify the highest and the lowest point of earth respectively. Have you connected the dots yet? Popular belief, as spread by the website of the livelokai, is that these two components are to keep people aware that life is a roller coaster ride; it will have ups and downs. When you experience success, stay humble and when you experience failure, stay patient. This noble cause has been widely acclaimed to be the reason for the success of this bracelet and not surprisingly so as it is a quite thought-provoking aspect which people respect.

Authentic Live Lokai Bracelet

However, one other thought provoking aspect which is linked to this bracelet is that how on earth have the owners of this product managed to attain the water and mud from these far-flung destinations, which automatically leads the people to question its authenticity. Several YouTube videos have emerged in which people have experimented on their broken bracelets. People have cut open the elastic beads to see whether the materials are authentic or not.

LiveLokai Bracelet is a Hit

Despite such course of action being adopted, it is imperative to appreciate the mission of the livelokai as it seems destined to remind people of the harsh realities of life. People have already started to relate the livelokai with their daily life events which prove how successfully this phenomenon is being endorsed around the world. Not only normal people but celebrities like Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing the Lokai bracelets. Even esteemed and distinguished personalities are making use of this bracelet which acts as an inspiration to all the people.

Why You Should Buy Live Lokai Bracelet Online

There are enough compelling reasons to buy this product, but to top it all off, 10 percent of the earnings coming from these bracelets will be used for charity purposes. At a price of 18$, as mentioned on the Lokai official website, this seems to be a bargain. The bracelet will help purify your inner beliefs in addition to adding a fashion sense. The only place you can buy this bracelet is on the official website namely www.mybalancebracelets.com. This ensures that your very own livelokai bracelet is authentic and serves you with its purpose in the perfect manner.

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