Get yourself an lokai bracelet to show balance in your life. Lokai bracelet is a beaded bracelet. This bracelet is trending so much now a days that almost every celebrity can be seen wearing it.

The concept behind these Lokai bracelets is very deep. It was started to maintain a balance in your life. There are two special beads in the Lokai bracelets. One is pure white. This has been taken from the water of Mount Everest. It teaches you that there re high points In your life. However, you need to be humble during these.

Secondly, there is a blackish brown bead. This has been taken from the muds of the lowest point of Earth. It depicts to you that there are low points in life, but you should never lose hope.

Why do the Lokai bracelets have different colors?

These Lokai bracelets were created to represent something. In general, the classic bracelets were created to signify balance. So while wearing my lokai, people would always be reminded to stay neutral. To always lead a balanced life.

But there are several other colors in Lokai bracelets. These colors represent one or another cause. The Lokai company donates a part of their profits to charity and other organizations. Hence, these colors play a great role in all of this.

We can start with the newest red bracelet. This red bracelet is to signify the children. Those who are in need especially! The red color causes awareness to help these children, and so that we would never forget them.

There is another very famous Lokai bracelet which is the pink one. This pink bracelet represents a very tender issue which is not talked about a lot. It supports the awareness of breast cancer. These cancer patients need to be given attention to as well.

Should you get a Lokai bracelet for yourself?

Lokai bracelets are in trend now a days! And we’d recommend you to get these. These bracelets will make you a part of the “cool gang.” Even Kourtney Kardashian tweeted “I love my lokai bracelet!”

sports athletes wearing lokai Kourtney Kardashian lokai bracelets my lokai mybalancebracelets

These bracelets are comfortable to wear. They’re also simple and very classy. Great for casual wear!

What does the Lokai blue bracelet represent?

The Lokai blue bracelet is yet another very important Lokai bracelet. The blue bracelet signifies water. It shows support for World Water Day. Not everyone has a supply of clean water. Many children die everyday solely because of not having clean water to drink.

Whenever someone buys these blue bracelets, we donate clean water to people to drink.


These Lokai bracelets are really small. However, their significance is great.