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Thread: Input Volume leveling / microphone input levels-Singers "Play" their Mics.

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    Oh I WILL DM!
    I just joined the Ableton Forum (WHO KNEW?) Wow!
    You know I am SO impressed I could probably do a TV
    commercial for you guys and this board. It's amazing!
    I feel like I'm digging for gold when I "data mine" here!

    OK so UPDATE;
    I tried a few of the easier solutions to my track-wrangling problems
    to the vocal track volume leveling issues and I am a VERY HAPPY
    lil' DIY'er! I'm finally hearing it!
    Not only did I compress (RED3... it has meters! ) my vocal tracks,
    which not only did a fantastic job of leveling the vocal outputs at the
    end of the tracks effects chain, BUT... (Drum roll please)

    I threw compression on the Master Mixer Tracks of every song...
    I tweaked a LITTLE BIT, and BAM! There it was, exactly the right tool
    for me to wrangle the FINAL MASTER (*.wav for disk mastering) tracks!

    Only trouble I had came when I realized I should just FINE adjust track
    VOLUME in the mixer rather that try to fight the work I'd already done
    mixing the individual tracks.

    On my most involved song (15 tracks) I even slapped RED 2 EQ on the
    Master Mixer channel and just a tiny tweak or 5, and... The tracks
    (which were already EQ'ed for the sound I wanted them to have)
    stopped FIGHTING and worked and played well with each other!

    ALL THIS inspired by you guys! [sniff sniff!] I love you guys man!

    RAWK ON! and thank you all again! I got so frustrated that I
    had started with the weeping and gnashing of teeth!
    (well ok that's a littte dramatic!)
    OldMegaNerd Live 9 / Scarlett 2i2 / Korg N5 / Keystation 49es
    and 8 guitars I don't have room to list (or the ego!)

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    Been out of the country and I wasn't keeping up with the site.

    One thing I failed to mention to you was, you can record your automation "fader" riding (or any other plug in setting) so you don't have to do all of this with mouse clicks.

    Here is a reference link: Automation and Editing Envelopes — Ableton Reference Manual Version 10
    | Ableton

    It might look complex, but it isn't. Mainly just turn on the automation as stated in the reference, make sure you have the right parameter selected for automation, in this case, track audio, start the song and make your changes in real time and that's it. Go back and edit as you need.
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